A Tail of Two Sedums: Is Donkey’s Tail and Burro’s Tail Same Plant?

If you are searching “Is Donkey’s Tail and Burro’s Tail same plant”, this article will clear your doubts!

Have you ever heard of the succulent called Donkey’s Tail? Perhaps you heard it’s called Burro’s Tail instead? There are actually two different but very similar succulents that are both called those names. Sedum morganum and Sedum burrito. Can you tell the difference between the two plants shown in the photo?

The reason I bring this all up is to highlight the importance of knowing the Latin names of plants. If you really preferred Sedum morganium‘s pointier leaves (it’s the plant shown on the left) you would have to use the Latin to make sure that everyone knew that you were talking about the pointier Donkey’s Tail, not the rounder, stubbier, one (shown on the right–which is Sedum burrito). I know it can be hard to learn botanical Latin, and I sure have flubbed the pronunciations at times, but as you grow as a gardener, you may find it essential to be able to communicate about exactly the right kind of plant. Botanical Latin helps you do that.

So…are you a Latin pro, or a n00b? Let me know in the comment your thoughts!

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