Here’s Something Even Those With NO Outdoor Space Can Grow!

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My kitchen sink has been turned into a mushroom kit soaking pool. It’s kind of a jerry-rigged setup right now, with the blue casserole dish way down the mushroom pack so that it can soak in enough water. Yep. I bought this mushroom kit online. The really awesome thing about the kit–besides the fact that it’s super easy to use, at least so far–is that anyone can do it. Even if all you have is a windowsill.

Like I said, they are very easy to use. You poke out the little “window” in the box, use a knife to cut a “+” in the plastic of the mushroom growing medium, take the bag out and soak it for 24 hours, and then you put it back in the box, put the box in a window and spritz it daily. Easy peasy!


This is everything you need to grow your own mushrooms (minus the growing medium that is currently soaking in my sink). The only thing other than the mushroom growing kit that you need is a kitchen knife. By the way, the mushroom growing medium is made up of used coffee grounds, so you’re recycling while you grow your own mushrooms.

You should be able to get at least two pounds worth of mushrooms (from two crops) from the kit, though I’ve read that some people are able to get four crops. We shall see.

To get you in the mushroom growing spirit, I thought I’d share some yummy mushroom recipes: