Simple, Edible Fall & Winter Container Idea

Container Gardening

If you are looking for an edible container garden idea to grow in fall and winter, here’s an idea for you!

Lacinato Kale is sometimes called “Dinosaur Kale,” and for good reason. The beautiful, blue-green, crinkled leaves can reach 2-3 feet tall. Plop one of these edible kales into the center of your pot and surround it with red (and/or white) cyclamen and you’ll have a eye-catching container to set near your garage or front door. Just be sure to place it somewhere you’ll get to enjoy on a regular basis.

Display your kale-cyclamen pots in full sun or bright shade. Water them regularly and feed your plants twice a month with a balanced (one with the same N-P-K numbers, such as 3-3-3) liquid fertilizer.

When you’re ready to snack on some kale, harvest the outer leaves but leave the inner leaves for another day. One of the most popular ways to eat kale seems to be kale chips, though I have never had the opportunity to try them.