Succulent Container Garden Idea | Succulent Container Garden Inspiration from Debra Lee Baldwin’s Garden

If you are looking for the inspiration for a Succulent Container Garden Idea, this post is for you!

I recently had the opportunity to visit Debra Lee Baldwin garden’s, author of two excellent books about gardening with succulents, including a wonderful guide to using succulents in container gardens. Lucky for you, I took a lot of photos…

Of course, a succulent aficionado like Debra fills even her window boxes with succulents. Whether she is looking to highlight the color or shape of a plant or to frame a view, everything in Debra’s garden is done with intention. Here, she has combined three types of succulents, all with colors reminiscent of a sunset. It’s also a balanced composition in the sense that there are large, medium, and finely cut leaves, with the tallest plant (Firesticks – Euphorbia tirucalli ‘rosea’) in the center, flanked by Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives,’ and graptopetalum paraguayense ‘pinky’ spilling over the side.

Another thing I noticed in Debra’s garden was her affection for one of a kind pottery. She is slowly amassing a collection of hand thrown pots created by ceramic artists and sold at succulent and cactus shows. Debra feels that these pots reflect the natural habitat of succulents and better show off their innate beauty. I have to say, I agree. Also notice that Debra top dressed the soil of those containers with small, rounded pebbles.

This is another unique pot. Debra drilled small holes in pieces of broken pottery and created a “necklace” by stringing them on a long piece of wire. There’s also another necklace with beads on it. What a great way to dress up a terra cotta pot!

I’ll finish my tour of Debra’s succulents with this interesting contrast. A water feature surrounded by drought tolerant plants. I hope the birds that use this bath enjoy the view of Debra’s garden as much as I did!

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