Three Ways Iron Planters Can Improve your Small Space Container Garden


Recently I bought this planter online. As you can see from the photos, it’s a charming planter. I used colorful pots and succulents to add a little interest to a small, narrow space. There are many ways such a planter can be used in the garden. So in this article, we’ll talk about how you can incorporate an iron planter in your garden.

You can fit more plants in the same space

When you have a small space, there are only so many plants you can fit into a single space. Or not. When you use a multi-tiered planter like this one, you can fit twice as many plants in the same space by putting plants in both the lower shelf and the main planting area up top. The thing about all the herbs you could grow in the relatively small space this iron planter takes up!

One small tip: if you want to use pots whose base is narrower than the space between the iron slats, you can weave thin iron rods (look for them at hardware stores) between the slats so that your pots have a firm surface to sit on.

Direct foot traffic

At my last apartment, there was a decorative piece of woodwork that hung down low, right next to my front door. If someone tried to make a beeline for my door, they’d whack their forehead on that piece of wood. That is, until I put an iron planter very similar to this one underneath the spot, forcing people to walk around it and avoid the decorative woodwork. Problem solved! You could also use a planter to block off an area with style.

Create privacy (or hide an unsightly view)

In many apartments and condos, your living room or bedroom window may look out onto a walkway that your neighbors use to get to and from their units. You could use an iron planter planted with tall, dense plants like horsetail can obstruct passersby view into your apartment. Same thing if your outdoor space is a little too exposed for your taste.

The opposite problem can also be solved by an artfully placed planter full of tall, dense plants. Let’s say that your problem is not people looking into your space, but something ugly you can see when you look out. Maybe it’s an ugly panel of utility meters. An iron planter is perfect because you can block your view, but it can easily be moved aside when a meter reader needs to take a look.

Do you have an iron planter in your garden? How are you using it?

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