Dying Container Plants | Is There Anything is “I Have a Black Thumb”

Gardening Tips

the important thing to remember when you kill a plant is that everyone kills plants. A lot of newbies label themselves black thumbs because a few of their plants died. But if a dead plant is the sign of a black thumb, then there is no such thing as a green thumb! I guarantee you that the most accomplished gardener on the planet has killed lots and lots of plants. That’s how they became the most accomplished gardener in the world because gardening is definitely a learn-by-doing sort of thing. The difference between green thumbs and black thumbs–I think–is that green thumbs try to learn from their mistakes and try again, while black thumbs assume they can’t grow plants and give up.

In more positive news, my rose bush is spilling over the side of my balcony and is blooming gloriously:

You gotta keep your eye on the prize and ignore minor setbacks. Or at least that’s what I try to do.