How Long Does Lucky Bamboo Live | Lucky Bamboo Lifespan

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Find How Long Does Lucky Bamboo Live in this post and know what conditions can expand the lifespan of this good luck plant.

How Long Does Lucky Bamboo Live

Lucky bamboo is a low-maintenance and resilient plant that can live for many years in favorable conditions. When grown indoors, the lifespan of lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) ranges from 5-10 years.  However, it can live much longer. In some instances, lucky bamboo has been known to live for decades, primarily when they are given proper care. Well, in this post, you will find How Long Does Lucky Bamboo Live and what you can do to increase its lifespan.

How Long Does Lucky Bamboo Live?

In its native environment, lucky bamboo plants can live for up to 9-11 years. However, the exact lifespan can vary according to growing and environmental conditions, such as water quality and nutrients.

If you are growing lucky bamboo in water, it can live up to 2-3 years. Whereas it can live for 5-6 years when grown in soil.

How to Extend the Lucky Bamboo Lifespan

Extend the Lucky Bamboo Lifespan

There are many key factors that influence finding the longevity of the lucky bamboo plant. A few of the main conditions discussed below will help you extend the life of the Lucky Bamboo plant.


Grow the lucky bamboo plants in bright, filtered light. Avoid keeping the plant in direct sun as it can burn the foliage. Also, rotate the plant frequently so the light reaches each part of the plant.

Soil and Pot

If growing in soil, use a well-draining, rich potting medium and choose a pot with drainage holes. However, if you plant lucky bamboo in a vase filled with water and pebbles, it can thrive since the plant has an inch of water.


If you want your lucky bamboo to live for years, then keep in mind that this plant is sensitive to chlorine, and chemicals exist in tap water. Also, avoid using hard water on this good luck plant as it contains lots of minerals that are not for this plant.

It will be best to use distilled water or tap water that you leave for 24 hours so chlorine evaporates. When growing it in water, change it on a weekly basis.

Temperature and Humidity

Lucky bamboo enjoys warm temperatures that range between 65-90 F. Do not place the plant near an air conditioner, hot or cold draft, a drafty window, or a heating vent.

This plant can live in average humid conditions.

Care and Maintenance Tips for the Long Life of Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo indoor


Avoid overfeeding the plant; it is recommended to feed the plant sparingly, by applying a single drop of liquid fertilizer will be sufficient.

For water-grown bamboo, use a weak dose of liquid fertilizer every month.


Prune the plant regularly to maintain its shape. Discard the brown and yellow foliage whenever you notice them.

Pest and Disease Management

Keep an eye on the plant for pests such as aphids, spider mites, and diseases like root rot.

Some Tips for Lucky Bamboo Care

  • Use Aquarium Water: If you have a fish tank at home, use it to water the lucky bamboo. Aquarium water contains beneficial nutrients that help in plant growth.
  • Massage the Stalks: Though there is no scientific evidence that this trick will work, some gardeners believe that massaging the stalks of lucky bamboo can stimulate its growth and encourage its longevity.
  • Misting: Occasional misting creates a tropical environment for this plant; it is beneficial in dry climates and heated homes.
  • Make a Positive Environment: Again, this trick is not scientifically proven, but keeping the plant in a specific area of your home, according to the Bagua map, brings positive energy to the surroundings and makes the plant thrive.