Make a Wine Box Herb Garden | Wine Box Raised Garden Bed

Check out this project to make a functional and cute planter for wine box!

If you have a wine box lying around in your garage, do you know it can be converted into an awesome container garden for lettuce and parsley. Here’s the tutorial to make one for yourself!

Prepare the Wine Box

First, you have to drill holes in the bottom of the wine box, good drainage is important for container gardens. This is the kind of drill bit I used. It’s called a forstner bit and cuts perfectly round holes. You could use almost any kind of bit, or even use a regular screwdriver and large screw to make the holes.

I made a total of 8 holes and spaced them evenly around the bottom of the box so that it would drain properly.

After I drilled all the holes, I sealed the wood with an eco-friendly, low-VOC sealer. Let the wine box completely cure (2-3 days) before planting.

Start Planting!

Fill the box with soil to about an inch below the top of the wine box. Dig six holes and plant your favorite greens or herbs, anything with a shallow root system. I decided to plant ‘Forellenschluss’ romaine lettuce(“speckled trout” lettuce in English). I interplanted with parsley so that I can make my own chimichurri.

Here it is all done! The project was very quick and easy. The actual work time was less than an hour. After I harvest these plants, I might plant it with Italian herbs and vegetables.

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