Patriotic “Guerrilla” Container Garden | How to Create Patriotic Container Done


I like starting the red, white, and blue pots around Memorial Day in the hopes that they’ll be in their full glory by Independence Day. I figure I hit two patriotic holidays with one container. Be careful with containers that are small enough to be easily stolen, or with patriotic decorations like flags. I had someone steal my flag out of last year’s red, white, and blue container. I am sure there is a special place in hell for people who do that.

Here are the flowers I used in this container…

Clockwise from the top left: shasta daisy, sweet potato vine, red celosia, lobelia.

I planted the shasta daisy in the center back, with four celosias evenly spaced in a line in front of the daisy. Directly in front of the daisy, I planted the lobelia so that it spills over the front of the pot. On either side of the lobelia is a sweet potato vine.

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