6 Piranha Plants that Look like Mario Games


Did you know there are some Piranha Plants that Look like Mario Games? Yes, they exist! Read on to learn more about such quirky plants.

Piranha Plants that Look like Mario Games 1
Piranha Plants

There are no ‘Piranha Plants’ in the botanical world. However, a few carnivorous plants have features of fictional characters, like the piranha plants. Continue to read and learn about Piranha Plants that Look like Mario Games in detail below.

Piranha Plants that Look like Mario Games

1. Venus Flytrap

Piranha Plants that Look like Mario Games 2

Botanical Name: Dionaea muscipula

Venus flytrap is the most popular carnivorous plant that grabs insects with its trapping leaves. Although it does not look like a Piranha plant, the quick-catching action, when activated by insects, resembles that of the virtual partner.

2. Sundew

Dangerous Piranha Plants

Botanical Name: Drosera spp.

Sundews have tentacle-like, glandular hairs on their leaves, which resemble the teeth of Piranha Plants. These hairs secrete sticky substances to capture insects, similar to the trapping mechanism of the Mario games.

3. Nepenthes

Dangerous Piranha Plants 2

Botanical Name: Nepenthes

Nepenthes feature hanging pitchers that resemble the “mouth’ of the piranha plant. Insects are attracted to their defeat within these carnivorous chambers.

4. Butterwort

Butterwort plant indoor


Botanical Name: Pinguicula spp.

Butterworts have flat, sticky leaves that capture small insects. While not visually similar to Piranha Plants, their approach to capturing insects shares a common carnivorous feature.

5. Hydnora

Hydnora plant

Botanical Name: Hydnora africana

Native to southern Africa, it grows underground and is known for its unusual appearance. However, it doesn’t directly resemble the Piranha Plant; the underground lifestyle shares a similar element.

It may not capture insects like the others, but the mysterious growth habit reminds us of the surprises nature and the Mario games offer.

6. Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant in garden

Botanical Name: Sarracenia spp.

Pitcher Plants, such as Sarracenia purpurea and Sarracenia leucophylla, have tube-shaped leaves that form a pitcher-like structure to trap insects.

While they don’t come out of pipes, they lure insects into their deceitful chambers, where they meet a similar fate.

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