10 Reasons to Container Garden

  1. A potted ficus (or any number of other indoor plants) in the corner of a room improves the air quality by removing toxins and adding oxygen.
  2. You can take your garden with you when you move.
  3. Why should people with houses and large lots have all the fun?
  4. Container gardening allows you to personalize your balcony or patio without altering or damaging the space in a way that would tick off your landlord.
  5. Food is getting really expensive, but you can grow tons of produce in a few pots on your balcony for half of what it costs you in the store.
  6. A few well placed plants are a great way to block an unsightly view or foil the plans of a nosy neighbor.
  7. Trees or large shrubs can provide shade on an otherwise sunny balcony.
  8. Plants can be used to attract birds and butterflies, even in the middle of a very urban area.
  9. Container gardening allows you to easily provide the exact needs of each individual plant. It is often much easier to grow a difficult or exotic plant in a pot than it is in the ground.
  10. You can grow perennials that wouldn’t otherwise survive the winter in your area (by bringing the plants inside or moving them to a warmer spot).

Did I miss anything? Why do you enjoy container gardening?

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