Awesome Black Plants for High Impact Containers


Awesome Black Plants for High Impact Containers

Inspired by Mr. Brown Thumb’s black garden (that stumbled upon recently), I came up with these plants that are easy to grow in a container and feature black leaves or flowers. To be clear, “black” when it comes to plants usually means very dark purple or red, sometimes a very dark chocolate.

Ornamental Plants

  • Aeonium – ‘Zwartkop’
  • Celosia – ‘China Town’
  • Oxalis – Oxalis regnelli atropurpurea, Oxalis triangularis, ‘Charmed Wine’
  • Calla Lillies – ‘Blackjack,’ ‘Hot Chocolate,’ ‘Black Forest,’ ‘Black Pearl,’ ‘Midnight Eclipse,’ and ‘Edge of Night’
  • Canna – ‘Australia,’ and ‘Tropicanna Black’
  • Coleus – ‘Inky Fingers,’ ‘Black Dragon,’ ‘Chocolate Mint,’ ‘Dark Chocolate’
  • Cosmos – ‘Chocolate’
  • Cranesbill – ‘Cheryll’s Shadow’
  • Bachelor’s Button – Black Magic and Black Boy
  • Elephant’s Ear – ‘Black Magic,’
  • Huechera – ‘Black Beauty,’ ‘Chocolate Veil’, ‘Obsidian,’ ‘Plum Pudding,’ ‘Blackout,’ and ‘Velvet Night’
  • Bugleweed – ‘Black Scallop,’ ‘Mahogany’
  • Geranium – ‘Dark Lord,’ ‘Espresso,’ ‘Midnight Reiter,’ and ‘Samobor’
  • Iris – ‘Black Knight,’ ‘Black Swan’, ‘Old Black Magic’, ‘Ruby Chimes’, ‘Before the Storm,’ and ‘Superstition’
  • Dahlia – ‘Happy Single’ series, ‘Bishop of Llandaff,’ and ‘Fascination’
  • Scabiosa – ‘Ace of Spades,’ and ‘Chile Black’
  • Sunflower – ‘Moulin Rouge’
  • Sweet Peas – ‘Black Knight,’ and ‘Wiltshire Ripple’
  • Sweet Potato Vine – ‘Blackie,’ ‘Sidekick Black Heart,’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’
  • Violas – ‘Black Magic,’ ‘Bowles Black,’ and ‘Molly Sanderson’

Edible Plants

  • Cabbage – ‘January King’
  • Eggplant – ‘Black Beauty,’
  • Kale – ‘Black Tuscany,’ ‘Cavolo Nero’
  • Lettuce – ‘Lollo Rossa, ‘Merlot,’ ‘Really Red Deer Tongue,’ ‘Majesty,’ ‘Marshall,’ and ‘Blackhawk’
  • Tomatoes – ‘Black’, ‘Black Cherry’, and ‘Black Plum’
  • Basil – ‘Dark Opal, ‘Purple Ruffles,’ ‘Red Rubin,’ ‘Osmin Purple,’
  • Radish – ‘Black Spanish’

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