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How Whimsical is Your Container Garden? If the answer is “not too whimsical,” and you’d like to change that, well I have the posts for you! There weren’t as many entries to this month’s blog carnival as in carnivals past, but the posts that were submitted are the creme de la creme. The topic was whimsy, and the ideas out there for making your container garden more fun and lively are really fantastic. Without further ado…

Whimsical Containers

  • Stenciled Chalkboard Pot – Sew Hip Mama has made one of the most stylish hand painted pots I’ve seen. I could totally see her pot idea being used as a gift, and writing the “to/from” info in chalk along the rim.
  • Batik Terra Cotta Pots – Renee has a really great idea for creating unique pots
  • Asian-Inspired Water Garden – Claire shares her water garden that she made in an Asian-style pot. It looks beautiful! And it is accompanied by a handicapped frog with a lot of sentimental value.

Fun Garden Ornaments

  • Butterfly Mobile Made From Aluminum Cans – How neat would this mobile look hanging on your balcony, gently clinking in the wind?
  • Legos in the Garden – Prue shares her ideas for using legos as garden ornaments, and also why she loves finding the tiny toys amongst her plants.
  • Garden Junk – Megan shares photos of all the neat things she’s found at garage sales and thrift stores that now add whimsy to her garden.

This isn’t really an ornament per se, but check out what Kathy has in her garden…

  • My Garden Peacock – Move over garden gnomes, peacocks add beauty and intrigue. Though I’m not really sure you could keep one on a balcony…

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