Decorating Your Balcony Garden for Halloween


Decorating Your Balcony Garden for Halloween

I hate Halloween. There. I said it. If there was a bad guy for Halloween–a grinch of some sort–I’d be it. The constantly ringing doorbell (even with my porch light off!) drives me nuts and scares my cats. And then when I open the door, half the time I see teenagers too old to be trick-or-treating, begging for candy. Dude. If you want candy, get a job and buy some!

Now that I got that rant off my chest, I think I can admit that I am one of the few people in the Halloween-celebrating-world that doesn’t like the holiday. So I thought I would collect some of the decorating ideas that even I can admit are pretty neat:

  • Want to do something different with your pumpkin this year? Check out this really neat stencil and technique from Sunset. It will make your pumpkin look more like a wood carving than a jack-o-lantern. Sunset has tons of extraordinary pumpkin carving ideas. The crazy cat lady in me really loves the black cat o’lantern.
  • If you have a lot of empty pots on your balcony right now, why not fill them with some moss and these “pumpkin toadstools” from Martha Stewart? These tin can robot jack-o-lanterns are another a cool idea from the homemaking diva.
  • A quick and easy way to add some instant autumn charm to your balcony would be to pop some mums or other cool-season flower into a hollowed out pumpkin. A black flowering plant would look great!
  • Maple leaf string lights would look pretty draped over your balcony railing. Or maybe you could create a wreath out of them.

How are you decorating for Halloween?

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