DIY Umbrella Stand + Flower Pot


When researching ideas for a client, I came across several articles on how to make a flower pot umbrella stand. What a great idea! Often times we balcony and patio gardeners could use an umbrella, but the standard umbrella stands are ugly and we don’t usually have room for a table that also holds the umbrella.

The construction is pretty easy. You need a large pot (at least 24 inches tall and 15 inches at it’s base), some large rocks or pieces of broken concrete, a short piece of plastic pipe, a plumbing flange, dirt and plants. For complete directions (and photos!) check out Sunset or Blog-O-Motives, but basically, you put the flange in the bottom of the pot, the pipe in the flange, the rocks around the pipe, and the dirt and plants on top. Then you place the umbrella in the pipe. Voila!

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