Do You Plan on Starting Seeds Indoors?


It seems hard to believe, but in about a month or so (depending on where you live), it will be time to start seeds indoors.

Seed starting, for the uninitiated, is pretty simple. By sowing seeds inside, in the warmth of your home, you can get a month or two head start on the growing season, which also means you have more time to garden. When your neighbors are just starting to toss a few seeds into the ground, your plants will already be 4-6 weeks old.

I plan on starting one set of edible plants inside, and then another set of the same edibles a month or so afterwards so that I can have “waves” of veggies coming ripe at different times. Or at least that’s my plan. I’ve purchased cucumbers and eggplants made for container gardening, Green Zebra and cherry tomatoes, peppers, chard, fennel, herbs…

I’m interested to hear your plans. What seeds have you already purchased? Which do you have your eye on? When do you plan to start? Are you going to do anything different this year or trying any new techniques or products?

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