Dwarf Blueberry Varieties Good for Container Gardening


Keeping with the dwarf fruit and vegetable theme started Tuesday, dwarf blueberry varieties are well suited to be grown in containers.

The first variety mentioned is ‘Sunshine Blue’ and grows up to 4 feet tall and produced 10 pounds (!) of fruit when mature. In May it produces a profusion of hot pink flowers and is followed by ripe fruit in July and August.

Even smaller than Sunshine Blue is a variety called ‘Top Hat,’ which grows to be only 18 inches high, and is covered in fruit all summer long.

Blueberries are sold bare root in the Spring and some mail order nurseries will also ship them in the fall.

Most varieties need to be near another blueberry plant to cross-pollinate in order to do their absolute best. They also like acidic soil with an actively decomposing matter, so an Azalea potting mix with a little bit of wood mulch mixed in would be perfect. Do not use a fertilizer with nitrate in it, as it is deadly to blueberries.

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