Gardens of Israel


Gardens of Israel


Recently I was lucky enough to travel to Israel with my parents, brothers, and husband. It was a great trip, and I saw some beautiful gardens while there. Israel is very similar, landscape-wise, to California, so I was right at home amongst their succulents, lavenders, olives, and citrus. Here are some of my garden photos from the trip…


This was in an artsy part of Yafo. I actually saw very few modern-style glazed containers while in Israel. Anyone know what succulent this is?


These greco-roman urn style pots were much more common. Lots of bougainvillea in Israel too.


These snake-like cacti were interesting. And see what I mean about the ancient urn style pots? I guess it fits a country in which 2,000 years old is kind of middle aged.


This was in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. It was simple, but elegant. A lot of the homes here had large walls surrounding an inner courtyard that was very quiet and peaceful.


These aloe, yucca, date palms, and other miscellaneous succulents were exploding over a wall in the ancient city of Caesarea.


Sunrise over the Sea of Gallilee. Northern Israel is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, in my opinion. It’s very hilly, and green.

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