How to Create a Cocktail Container Garden

To me, a cocktail garden should be two fold: contain plants to be used in cocktails, and be pleasant to spend time in during cocktail drinking hours.

Luckily pretty much all of the plants commonly called for in cocktail recipes are easy to grow in pots. Just like all other edible gardens, you should grow the plants you love, so I’ve organized the plants below according to the cocktail that calls for them. Just find the drinks you enjoy and plant those fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Hard Lemonade

  • Recipe – Sunny’s Hard Lemonade
  • What to Plant – Lemon tree
  • Variations – Add strawberries, watermelon, or lavender

Bloody Mary

  • Recipe – Upgraded Traditional Bloody Mary or try this Bloody Mary Swizzlers recipe
  • What to Plant – Lemons, celery, and if you’re really hard core, cherry tomatoes to make your own tomato juice. Or if you’re into a more adventurous bloody mary, plant garlic, horseradish, and/or basil.


Strawberry Daiquiris


  • Recipe – Classic Screwdriver
  • What to Plant – Oranges, though why not spice things up and plant blood oranges instead?

Pina Colada

  • Recipe – Ultimate Pina Colada
  • What to Plant – Pineapples (just save the top from pineapple and plant it) and strawberries.

Oh, and about making a garden that is enjoyable at night? Check out these ideas for creating a moon garden on your balcony.

What’s your favorite cocktail?

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