How to Get Your Forced Amaryllis to Bloom Again


Did you receive an Amaryllis as a gift last year? Maybe you were really lucky and received a Cybister Amaryllis. You probably followed the instructions your bulb came with, and now it’s done blooming. Well, you can get it to bloom again if you follow these instructions.

Here’s how:

  1. When the flowers fade, don’t let them form seed pods. Cut the flower off, leaving the stem and leaves. They help the bulb collect and store nutrients, giving it the strength it will need to bloom again.
  2. Keep the plant in a bright indoor spot, and keep on watering when the soil is dry.
  3. Fertilize your amaryllis once a month with half-strength liquid fertilizer.
  4. If the leaves start to die, that’s okay. Just remove the dead leaves and start withholding water and fertilizer. Your plant is going dormant, not dying. Everything is okay!
  5. When spring comes, and there is absolutely no danger of frost, move the amaryllis outside, in a spot with morning sun and afternoon shade.
  6. When new leaves start appearing, add some new soil to the top of pot, but don’t totally cover the bulb. Resume watering and fertilizing like before.
  7. Your amaryllis should bloom again by early summer.
  8. Success!

If you’d like to save your amaryllis and get it to bloom again next spring, stop watering and feeding your plant in fall, when the leaves start to die. If you live in an area with serious winters, move it back indoors.

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