How to Grow Jasmine Indoors


How to Grow Jasmine Indoors

Can you imagine the wonderful smell of jasmine scenting your home? Not to mention how beautiful it would look!

Jasmine is easy to grow indoors so long as you don’t overheat your home or allow the soil to dry out. Try to keep temperatures below 65 degrees F while the buds are developing. Perhaps you have a room you don’t heat, or a particularly cool bathroom to keep the jasmine during that time. Jasmine likes bright, filtered light, so a lot of bathrooms are perfect, especially since they like things a little on the humid side.

Feed your Jasmine once a month during spring and summer with half strength liquid fertilizer that is low in nitrogen. Or, if you prefer, give it slow release fertilizer in early Spring and forget about fertilizing all together.

If your Jasmine needs a haircut, trim it back immediately after blooming. If you wait too long, you risk cutting off the buds that will turn into next season’s flowers.

Don’t forget that while Jasmine is not toxic to kitties, it is to dogs. Even if you are a better housekeeper than Martha Stewart, flowers and leaves will fall to the ground before you have a chance to clean them up. But your pup will find those leaves ASAP.

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