Hummingbird Container Recipe


This is a great time of year to talk about hummingbirds, as the members of the species that migrate north for the summer are busily working their way up from Mexico as we speak. Migratory hummingbirds are directed northward by blooming flowers, so one of the best ways to attract hummers to your balcony or patio is to plant natives. But we also all know how much hummingbirds are attracted to tubular flowers, especially red, orange and deep pink blossoms. This container design takes advantage of that hummer weakness:


What You’ll Need:

  • 3 Creeping Jenny (A)
  • 9 Snapdragons (B)
  • 3 Cypress Vine (C)
  • Triangular trellis tower/obelisk with a 12 inch (or smaller) base
  • 18 inch pot
  • Potting soil

Place the plants according to the layout below. If you can’t find cypress vine plants (I never have) look for seeds. Simply plant two seeds at the base of each leg of the trellis and train the plants to grow up the trellis. Also, if you purchase the snapdragons in a six pack, you’ll probably need more like 5 to each side of the trellis, for a total of 15 plants.


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