I Bet You Didn’t Know This Plant Was Edible…


You probably didn’t know that tulips were edible. And quite frankly, who would want to bring a beautiful bunch of tulips inside only to scarf them down? But in case you have the goal of only growing plants you can eat this year, tulips are a good plant for you to fudge the rules a bit.

I’ve already started seeing tulips in the nursery here, so I am sure they are soon to follow in the rest of the country as well. Here are two different ideas featuring tulips…

Yellow Tulips & Purple Kale

Kale is a surprisingly good companion to tulips. The two plants foliage contrast nicely, with the tulip’s strapy, smooth leaves look great against kale’s curly, fringed leaves. And yellow tulips look great against a deep purple background.

Pink Tulips and Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’

This is another combo that has really great contrast between the two plants. The artemisia has silvery, finely cut foliage, which allows the bubblegum pink tulips to really pop.

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