Indoor Plant Combination Ideas


Indoor Plant Combination Ideas

I know that by May, everyone is itching to spend every second they can outside, but I promised my friend Kyle that I would post about indoor plants more often. Surely he isn’t the only one whose gardening is done entirely indoors?

Just because you’re potting up some plants for indoor life, doesn’t mean that you can’t combine plants similar to the way you would outdoors. Here are some plant combination ideas for indoor plants:

Caladium and Maidenhair Fern

The bold, graphic leaves of caladium contrast nicely with the lacy foliage of maidenhair ferns. You can start with either caladium plants or tubers. Whichever you select, place it in the center of your pot. The place two maidenhair ferns on either side of the caladium (use four ferns, one on each side, if your pot is large enough).

Money Tree, Croton, and Golden Pothos

“Money Plant” is pretty ubiquitous in Asian markets. Their braided trunks and attractive leaves make great houseplants, and are supposed to bring good luck. Combine them with croton and variegated golden pothos for a lush, colorful, tropical indoor container combination.

NOTE: Caladium, croton, and golden pothos are all poisonous. Use with extreme caution in homes with pets, small children, or adults prone to nibbling.

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