My Favorite Potting Soil


The other day I talked about what to look for in a potting soil. I thought I would take a second to show off my favorite potting soil. It’s called Edna’s Best Potting Soil by E.B Stone Organics (I also really like their fertilizers).

You know it’s good stuff from the second you rip open the bag and take a whiff. It smells like the rain forest in Maui. By that I mean that it smells like wonderful, rich, moist, decomposing leaves and dirt right after it rains. When you stick your hands in and grab a fist-full, it feels spongy. It is dark, almost black. And again, I can’t stress how good it smells.

To give you an idea of what you’ll see in the ingredients list of a good organic potting mix, this is what’s in Edna’s Best:

Contains Composted Fir Bark, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Redwood Compost, Mushroom Compost, Volcanic Pumice, Earthworm Castings, Washed Sand, Kelp Meal, Bat Guano, Feather Meal, Gypsum and Mycorrhizae. Oyster Shell Lime and Dolomite Lime are added as pH adjusters. A natural wetting agent, Yucca shidegera saponin, has been added to help remoisten the product.

I have never found anything like Edna’s Best at Home Depot or Lowes. There are potting soils that are acceptable at the big box shops, but nothing that is (in my opinion) outstanding. So you’ll likely need to track down an independent nursery to find a stellar potting soil. It’s also not cheap. It retails for $5.99 for a 1.5 cubic foot bag. To put that in perspective, it’s about $1.25 more a bag than the typical 1.5 cubic foot bag at the big box places.

I don’t know who you are Edna, but I love you!!!

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