Show Your American Pride. Or British Pride. Or French. Australian…


Show Your American Pride. Or British Pride. Or French. Australian…


Red, white, and blue are pretty popular colors! Those four above aren’t even all of the countries with flags that are those three colors. All this talk of flags is appropriate, because today is Flag Day in the United States. Did you know that? It’s easy for me to remember because it’s also my grandpa’s birthday. June 14th is a great day to put together your red, white, and blue containers (if you are American) for the obvious patriotic reason, and also because the three weeks between today and Independence Day will give your pots plenty of time to grow in and look fabulous for your Fourth of July BBQ.


I got this pot at Ikea, and while it looks like stone, it’s actually styrofoam. It looks like it should weigh 30lbs, but it weighs less than a pound. Makes it easy to get home. In the back of the pot, there is a red yucca and statice. Then in front of those two, I places two white osteospermum and a pineapple sage. Spilling over the front of the pot are lemon thyme plants. Right now the planting is a little light on the “red” but hopefully the pineapple sage will send up a flower spike or two before Independence Day.


Red Yucca


Hopefully this Pineapple Sage will bloom before July 4th



I loved the blue undersides of these osteospermums



Statice looks great for such a long time, I’m surprised it isn’t used more often in containers

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