Six Reasons to Love Botanical Interests Seeds


Six Reasons to Love Botanical Interests Seeds

I’ve mentioned a couple of times how much I like Botanical Interests seeds, so I thought I would write a post about exactly what it is that I like, and why I think you should like them too!

I first discovered Botanical Interests when I was google searching for a company selling tangerine colored signet marigolds. I found Botanical Interests and have been using their seed almost exclusively ever since. I am sure I have at least 20-30 Botanical Interests seed packets in my seed file (which, by the way, I keep in a Botanical Interests shipping box).

So, here are the six reasons I am a very happy Botanical Interests customer.

1. Great Seed Selection

You want to attract butterflies to your garden? Botanical Interests has got you covered with over 70 varieties of flowers that butterflies like. Interested in drought tolerant plants? They’ve got more than 80 of those. They also have more than 240 varieties of vegetables, everything from Organic Moon and Stars Watermelon to Edible Red Leaf Amaranth and nine different types of carrots. They’ve got herbs too. 65 different varieties. Their seeds are a nice mix of garden standards and more unusual types that are fun to try.

2. Great Cover Art

Every packet of Botanical Interests seed has a nice illustration on the front of the packet. As a former graphic designer, it’s nice to see a company paying attention to the visual allure of their product. The cover art makes it a pleasure to flip through my seed packets and dream up different combinations for future container designs.

3. Tons of Useful Information

You can tell that the folks at Botanical Interests are nuts about plants because they can’t cram all of what they have to say about a particular seed variety on the back of the packet. If you open up the packet (after carefully dumping the seed into a cup or baggy) you’ll find recipes, anecdotes, history, and growing tips. It’s kind of like talking to your neighbor who has been growing the most beautiful ________ for 50 years and who loves chatting about how to get the most out of her favorite plant.

4. Good Germination Rate

When I sow seed, I make a hole the depth the packet says to make, place two seeds in the hole, and cover them with dirt. I have no idea if that’s the right way to do things, but that’s what I do. The vast majority of the time both Botanical Interests seeds germinate. And I’ve only had one instance when neither of the seeds germinated. I can’t say the same for other brands of seeds I’ve purchased. I’m still mad about beautiful Zinnia seeds I purchased from a different company that didn’t have a single seed germinate, despite the fact that I followed their directions to a ‘t.’

Basically, when I am sowing Botanical Interests seeds I can count on being happy. Thats important, because I’m an impatient person and growing plants from seed is all about being patient. I don’t want to have to waste time with seeds that won’t even sprout.

5. Great Company

Tired of “big box stores” and giant international conglomerates that could care less about individual customers or ethical business practices? Yeah, me too. So it’s nice to be able to buy a great product from a small, family-run business like Botanical Interests. The owners, Curtis and Judy, were both interviewing for the same horticultural job when they met. To make a long story short, they got married, and started Botanical Interests in a spare bedroom. Today they have moved out of the spare bedroom and have hired 20 or so employees.

It’s also nice to know that they are committed to providing a nice place to work for their employees. This is the sort of company they are the the culture they have developed:

“The 22 on-site employees have adorned stairwells with drawings sketched by their children. The company refrigerator is splattered with goofy photos. There’s a Foosball table in an “end-tag” room where the Jones’ daughter, the ebullient and wise, Sophie, will take a dollar from you for every goal she scores. There are honest and generous smiles here.”

(California Garden Magazine–July/August 2008)

I mean, we’re talking about a business whose company picnic is held in the owners’ backyard. How much more “family” can a family business get than that?

6. Easy to Use Website

I am crazy about putting information together in useful and meaningful ways and I love how Botanical Interests has ordered their site.

If your gardening spot is shady, and you want to see which flowers might grow well there, simply click on “shade” under the flower list and there you go. If you think you’d like to try some Asian vegetables but don’t know where to start, there’s a category for that too. Heirloom herbsOrange flowersPlants to spill over the edge of your hanging basket? No problem, they’ve got you covered with an easy to access list of suitable seed varieties.


So, what more can I say. I’ve written over 800 words about a seed company, of all things. I think you get the point that I HIGHLY recommend Botanical Interests seeds. Five stars. Two thumbs up. And all that good stuff. If I haven’t convinced you yet, you might just be the most stubborn, curmudgeonly person on the planet.

What are you waiting for? Head right on over to their website, or to the seed section at your favorite nursery and knock yourself out. Growing plants from seed is a great way to try varieties you can’t find locally. And If you’re willing to put in a bit of sweat equity, it’s also a great money saver.

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