Sun Hats Are Not Just for Gardeners With Large Yards!


Have you been spending a little too much time on your balcony? Or more precisely, have you been spending too much time in the great outdoors without proper sunscreen? Not good! I am sure you don’t need me to tell you all the negative effects of burning your skin.

I always wear a hat and usually wear sunscreen, but this past weekend, my hat wasn’t enough. I paid for it on Monday! Here are three natural remedies for sunburn:

  • The June issue of Body + Soul magazine suggests that sunburns can be calmed by sponging strongly brewed, chilled tea on the area. Green or black, use whatever you have on hand, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s the tannins in tea that are anti-inflammatory, which will help sooth your inflamed skin.
  • Willow Light, owner of Portland’s Spa Willamina, recommends a mixtures of 1 tbsp. aloe vera gel, 5 drops of lavender essential oil, 5 drops of chamomile essential oil and 1tbsp. sunflower oil. Apply the mixture to your face like a mask and let dry. Rinse your face after 20 minutes. For a sunburn elsewhere on your body, multiple the ingredients by 4.
  • Dr. John Reed at recommends, among other things, a cool bath with 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 10 drops of chamomile essential oil.

Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Or a stitch in time saves nine. Take your pick. Check out these great ways to prevent a burn in the future:

  • Kiss My Face Oat Protein Sunscreen (30 SPF) contains no animal ingredients, no artificial colors, and was not tested on animals. It contains natural ingredients to help counteract the effects of sun damage while protecting your skin from further UV exposure. Also check out Smart Shield which contains no harsh chemicals and is not petroleum based, so it won’t clog your pores or stain your clothes.
  • Ann Taylor Loft has a very cute straw hat (for less than $10!) to help protect your face without sacrificing on style. Also check out this post at Eco-Salon about sustainably produced sun hats.
  • Outdora has a great outdoor umbrella specially designed for those of us with small outdoor spaces. Their half-canopy umbrella sits flush against a wall, saving space while still providing respite from the sun.

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