The Thing About September – Fall To Do List


September is a transitional month straddled between the growing season and the resting season. The last few days I’ve been pulling out plants that didn’t really wow me to make space for bulbs I expect to greet me with purple and yellow flowers a few months from now (I finally decided where to plant those Ranunculus).

Whatever the reason might be, this is a good time to take stock of your containers, pull out things that didn’t work very well, prepare the keepers for winter, and clean out pots for next Spring. It’s also never too early to start dreaming about what you’ll do next year. Here are some more things to do in Fall:

  • Pull weeds
  • Mulch
  • Plant spring bulbs
  • Plant cool weather ornamental and edible plants
  • Prune trees and perennials
  • Divide perennials and bulbs
  • Plant trees (in a pot on your balcony or join a community group helping to green your community!)
  • Clean tools
  • Journal
What have you been up to on your balcony or patio?

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