Trellis Ideas for Nasturtiums and Other Petite Climbing Vines



If your nasturtiums are anything like mine, they’re definitely in need of some sort of trellis, unless you want them to trail over the side of the pot you have they growing in. There are a number of attractive trellises that you can buy, and plenty of DIY options that I’ve been exploring lately. Now if my plants would just hurry up and flower already, I would really appreciate it!

Share your favorite trellis finds and ideas in the comments!

The trellis I am using in the above photo was purchased at Ikea a year or two ago. A quick search of their website indicates that they aren’t selling that trellis anymore, but they have many other options. I think I am going to get these for my cucumber plants.


Amazon also has some cool trellis options. On the DIY front, I have been experimenting with a couple of different options. I have some nasturtiums growing on a simple tripod made with three bamboo rods tied together with some garden twine. It’s not the most beautiful trellis I’ve ever seen, but it has a nice rustic look, and soon it will be covered in nasturtiums anyway. Another thing I am experimenting with are repurposed decorative wire border edging. I bought some super cheap at the discount store and (because it is so cheap) was able to use pliers to bend each piece into a triangular obelisk. For $4.99 I was able to make 6 obelisks. I’ll try and remember to post a photo of them on the Facebook page when I get home today.

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