Varieties of Tomato You Can Still Plant (in June)


Varieties of Tomato You Can Still Plant (in June)

Here are some varieties of tomatoes that mature in 60 days or less, which means that most parts of the Northern Hemisphere can still have homegrown tomatoes, regardless of whether you started your vegetable garden “on time” or not.

Photo of Brad Wenner’s ‘Red Robin’ tomatoes growing in coffee cans

  • Tiny Tim (45 days to harvest) – 1 inch, red cherry fruit; Very dwarf plants; determinate
  • Pixie Hybrid II (52 days) – compact dwarf plants; determinate
  • Early Girl (54 days) – earliest full size; indeterminate
  • Red Robin (55 days) – 1-inch fruit; super-dwarf plant, 6 inches tall; mild taste; determinate
  • Yellow Canary (55 days) – 1-inch fruit; similar to Red Robin, but yellow fruit; determinate
  • Glacier (58 days) – 1 1/4 inch diameter fruit; can survive a light frost; indeterminate

Many of these plants are small enough to get tucked in as “filler” in a larger mixed container. So when something dies, or your annuals start to look worse for the wear, swap in Red Robin or Tiny Tim. Alternatively, you could grow a bunch of the super dwarf tomatoes in a window box and combine then with basils and oregano flowing over the side of the box.

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