What to Plant Now For Winter


Forget Mums. Whatever is left over in the garden center at this point is probably ragged looking anyway. You need plants that can stand a bit of cold weather and provide visual interest to make your balcony really pop as you look out at it from your toasty apartment…

A few days ago, I posted some tips and tricks gleaned from around the internets, along with a winter container recipe. If you’re still in need of some winter container ideas for your balcony, here are some more plants to consider:

  • Rainbow chard (I had a ton of success with Chard)
  • Ornamental kale and cabbages
  • Hellebores
  • Heuchera (an especially good plant if you’re in need of a plant with interesting foliage, Huechera comes in tons of different color varieties. Huechera, also called ‘Cora Bells,’ is also pretty tough and difficult to kill).
  • Variegated osmanthus (a plant that looks like a Holly, which is also another great winter plant that will also attract birds to your container garden)
  • Fragrant winter-blooming sarcococca (a great choice for shady balcony gardens, or anyone who needs a little privacy)
  • Colorful sedges (great “spillers” and super easy to keep happy)
  • Dwarf conifers

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