5 Beginner Crops to Enjoy, Even if You’re Not a Good Cook

One of the most popular posts of all time here in this list of best fruits, vegetables, and herbs to grow for beginners. So I was pretty excited to see that there was a list with a similar theme in this month’s issue of Sunset Magazine. Their list focused on easy to grow fruits and vegetables that you can eat raw, so no cooking required!

Click on the links to find seed companies that have each variety for sale…

  1. Sweet Cherry Peppers – Pick these guys when they are bright red and about 2 inches long for the tastiest harvest
  2. ‘Spanish Musica’ Green Beans – Green beans are very easy to grow from seed, just be sure to provide plent of sturdy trellises for the vines to climb. If you pick the pods regularly, Spanish Musica will continue to produce more.
  3. ‘Sweet Treats’ Cherry Tomatoes – This is a brand new variety that has clusters of pink (yes you read that right) cherry tomatoes.
  4. ‘Spacemaster’ Cucumber – Sunset just recommend cucumbers in general, so I selected a variety that is more compact and better suited to balcony or patio gardening.
  5. ‘Diamante’ Strawberries – This variety was developed by UC Davis, which does a lot of great work on crops produced in California (a 25.77 billion dollar industry). This variety was bred to be mildew resistant and produce high quality fruits.

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