Early Spring Container Combo Idea


Early Spring Container Combo Idea

The professor who taught my last Master Gardener class mentioned that he ignores the groundhog and watches Evergreen Pear trees for the first signs of Spring. These ornamental pear trees are everywhere in Southern California, and apparently they are one of the first to bloom in Spring. Well, let me tell ya, they are blooming like crazy! I know many of you are hunkered down underneath feet of snow, but Spring is almost here for you too!

The container combination idea shown above includes rosemary, ornamental cabbage, and pansies. All can tolerate a few late frosts, so you can plant this up as soon as the snow melts. Pansies and cabbage are annuals, so pull them out and toss them on your compost pile when they look past their prime. But rosemary is a perennial, so you can enjoy them year after year.

Do you have some container garden combination ideas? Be sure to share them with us!

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