Fall Vegetable Container Garden Plan


Fall Vegetable Container Garden Plan

A comment that Margaret Roach once made has stuck with me for awhile. To paraphrase, Margaret mentioned that gardening is often not an “in the moment” activity. You’re constantly thinking ahead, counting backwards, planning, reviewing… For example, even though it’s summer right now, it’s time to start thinking about any Fall vegetables you’d like to grow. You need to order the seeds or plants now if you’d like to have cool season vegetables when the time comes.

The pot idea I’ve proposed above combines cabbage and mint, which are traditional companion plants. Companion plants are those that improve one another when grown in close proximity. Mint’s aroma is thought to deter cabbage worms. You could try several different mints, such as variegated pineapple mint and dark stemmed chocolate mint. I also threw in some ruby chard for color and height. Just because you’re growing something to eat doesn’t mean the plants have to look utilitarian.

Two of these pots would look beautiful flanking your front door. Or you could use several of them in a line to delineate part of your patio. One in each corner would look great too!

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