How to Make a Trellis Out of Wire


While trying to find a shortcut out of a shopping center, I saw this trellis and thought it would be perfect for those of us who garden on balconies or patios.

From what I can tell, the trellis was made with some careful measuring, a few eye hooks and a whole lot of fine guage wire. Here’s what I would do if I was recreating this trellis

  1. Carefully measure out a grid of 12 inch squares. Make a mark at the corner of each square.
  2. Drill a hole at each mark. Insert a wall anchor into the hole and then screw in the eye hook.
  3. Feed the wire through the eye hooks to recreate the pattern above. Secure the ends by twisting them back on themselves.
  4. Place a planter box in front of the trellis and plant it with several vines and train them to grow around the wires. Choose a vine that stays relatively airy-looking so that you will still be able to see the grid pattern when the vine matures (so Morning Glory and other dense, matting vines would be poor choices). Something like Cardinal Climber would be a good choice.

You could also use this trellis as a privacy screen by screwing in the eye hooks to the top of your balcony and to the railing and then feeding the wire between the two. When the vine matures and grows up the wires, it will obscure the view. Proceed with caution if you think you might get into trouble for making holes in the railing.

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