The Indestructible Indoor Plant


The Indestructible Indoor Plant

Okay, let me start off by saying that this plant is not indestructible. The title was meant to catch your attention, so I left out “nearly,” as in this plant is nearly indestructible.

So what is this magnificint plant? Folks, let me introduce Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to pronounce its name, neither do I. Just call it ‘ZZ’ everyone will know what you’re talking about. I hope.

I need to say right off the bat, if you kill plants with too much love and attention, then ZZ is not for you. This is a plant that thrives on your extreme neglect. Water it infrequently and give it a spot with barely any light and it is a happy camper. Oh, and no need for frequent transplanting to larger pots, ZZ likes snug living quarters.

Notice that the plant in the photo above is in someone’s office cubicle. This is a great plant for the office. It’s actually a good thing that your cubicle is faaaar away from the window. A bright window might actually be too much light. According to the December/January issue of Horticulture Magazine, ZZ can tolerate as little as 25 footcandles and up to three months without water. Considering that even a very dim window gets about 100 footcandles, I am pretty sure most offices get enough light to please ZZ. And if you can’t remember to water a plant every three months…well then maybe you should consider a very nice silk plant.

For your neglect, ZZ will give you smooth, thick stems covered in dark green, glossy leaves. The plants have a nice, upright growth habit that will add a calming, fresh element to home and office alike. The only downside that I can tell is that the flowers look like an ugly step-cousin of calla lilies, but you can just cut them off if they’re not your thing.

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