Tiny Tomato Plants Are Perfect for Small Space Gardeners


Do you really want to grow tomatoes? Is the only thing stopping you a lack of space? I have the answer! You can grow itsy-bitsy tomato plants. And I do mean tiny. The tomato plants I am talking about are less than 10 inches tall.

Micro Tom plants only grow to be 6-8 inches tall (!!!) and can be grown in a 4 inch pot. They produce small, round deep red fruits.

Everyone can find space for a four inch pot on their balcony! And if you have no balcony at all, Micro Tom can be grow in a sunny windowsill (turn the plant regularly so that it gets sun on all sides) or in a hanging pot near your front door (if your front door gets 6 or more hours of sun).

Now you have no excuse to grow some of your vegetables (I know, tomatoes are really a fruit…).

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